www.durge.org: Frequently Asked Questions
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The Group alt.dur.general
What is alt.dur.general?
It's a global extension of the group dur.general.
What is dur.general?
It's a newgroup local to Durham University.
Which servers carry alt.dur.general?
It's now available on most servers, but can always be found on news.durge.org.
What is a Blander?
Blander is Edwin's puppy.
What counts as a durger?
If you're one of the following:
  1. Gay
  2. Secretly gay
  3. Bisexual
  4. Secretly bisexual
  5. Socially inadequate
  6. Easily made drunk
Then you're a durger. More than two of these and you've also been elected to a DSU post.
The Website
What tool is used to produce this website?
The site is produced by hitoplive, an on-demand version of the website design and production tool hitop.
How is its content managed?
Hitoplive interfaces with a PostgreSQL database backend. Other web-based interfaces are used to manage the content.
Why are there reviews of books, CDs, DVDs and videos?
Some of durge's participants have reviewed some of their favourite things.
Do amazon.co.uk pay a referral fee for every item sold though a link?
Yes. For directly-linked-to books at less than 40% reduction they pay 15% of the without-VAT price. For everything else they pay 5%.
And where does this vast amount of money go?
It goes towards paying for upgrades and maintenance of the machine that hosts the site and its services, fof.
Posting to alt.dur.general
How do I post to dur.general and alt.dur.general at the same time when they are never both available on the same server?
Both groups are now available on Durham's newsserver. It is generally considered bad form (and unnecessary) to crosspost.
Can I make reading an article in dur.general make it marked as read in alt.dur.general on a different server as well? I am using Pine.
If I use high-bit characters such as £, ¢ or ß, how can I make sure they will be comprehensible at the other end?
By using a newsreader that includes character set information in the MIME header of your post.
Can I start a religion thread?
If you want a hundred follow-ups an hour, feel free.
The Web
Should I use <i> and <b> or <strong> and <em>?
You should use both - they have different semantics. <i> and <b> say "do me in this style, if you can't do it, it doesn't really matter"; <em> and <strong> says "always emphasize me".
Should I accept Cookies from strangers?
Yes. Cookies are harmless.
Where can I find answers to my HTML questions?
Do frames make a website look professional?
Absolutely not.
Old Ground
How many Scots MPs are there?
There are seventy-two.
What does PNG stand for?
Portable Network Graphics
What does SVG stand for?
Scalable Vector Graphics
What is an external member?
Who knows. I don't think I want to know.
Where's my dinner?
Try a burge at McDonald's or Burger King.
Is the shorter word that means the same as until spelt 'til, 'till, til or till.
Should we call the A-Team?
Only if there's no-one else you can turn to.
Which is Peter Falk's glass eye?
The one that looks real.
Is Software Engineer a subset of Engineer?
No. The similarity of the terminology is entirely coincidental.
How quickly does available processor performance increase?
It doubles every eighteen months; it increases ten-fold every five years.
Are Dana International and Gloria Estefan actually the same person?